Refresh your cosmetics in beautician!

I do not know a woman who does not even have one beauty cosmetic in a beautician. Even one small, favourite lipstick to take care of lips in winter :) Do you prefer to buy expensive brands or cheap one? I think the most often I belong to the second group, but I would be lying if said that I do not have a few exclusive brands. 

From time to time, like every women I love to trying some new cosmetics, but not to spend all my money for it and that is why I am looking for new cosmetic’s online shops with cheap makeup brands :) Recently I have found a new online wholesale makeup online store that aroused my interest thanks to their colorful cosmetics like anastasia eyeshadow pallette. I love to use colorful cosmetics every day, which is why this palette particularly caught my attention. On the site we can find several color palette suggestions, but for me the perfect one from the series Soft Glam in shades of nudes. Colors are well matched and it stole my heart. I have similar paletts in my beautician already, but who will forbid me to have another one? No one :D

It fits perfectly to business, special occassions and casual outfits too. Palette costs only 13$ so I have to try it! I’ve seen there also nice lipstick one of my favourite brands where the difference in price is big and more profitable to me to buy it in their online store. So now I have to prepare more space in my bathroom shelf for new, cute items :) 

You should know that this store has also exclusive brands in less than half price. Foundations, lipsticks, brushes and others from famous brands. How is it possible? It is nothing like discount online store. Some items are in limited amount, a few pieces and that is why price is so low. 

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