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From several seasons being natural is a price, that's why I created this post for you. Today you’ll know how to get your brow thicker and beautiful thanks to the cheapest cosmetics which our grandmothers used.

Probably not one of us fell victim to a beautician who incorrectly adjusted eyebrows and these became thin lines. Another dramatic story: We just over-plucked ourselves eyebrows during quarantine. Then we panic and we want the plucked out hair grows back as quickly as possible, because we do not like to makeup our eyebrows daily (firstly, it's quite labor-intensive, secondly, the effect is artificial). There are also women among us, who naturally have bright eyebrows and want to gently darken them at home without spending a fortune money on specially dedicated cosmetics. Here castor oil is the answer.


If you want to have pretty, thick and NATURAL eyebrows, you should quickly reach for a fairly cheap and reliable cosmetic: CASTOR OIL - currently you can buy it even without leaving your home in an online pharmacy and stationary. Moreover, you can buy it in Polish online pharmacy store where I always do shopping - it costs 1$ for you! Yes, you’re right - it is the same oil for the runs :D I know what you are thinking, no worries! If you do not intend to drink it, you will be fine :) This magic oil also nourishes damaged hair, eyebrows and nails. Castor oil can grow hair and regrow brows the same. .It’s really good way to take care of your eyebrows naturally. However, to see the first results, you need to be patient and consistent. Below I show you how to apply it.

But if you haven't got time for using homemade products...

I realize you may not have the time to take care for your eyebrows regularly. In such a situation, consider a faster solution - EleverBrow eyebrow conditioner (check here), which thanks to a mixture of high-quality ingredients works quickly and stimulates the eyebrows - much faster than the oil. I checked it!

I have to admit that sometimes I'm tired of using the oil. It is cheap, but sometimes burdensome due to the greasy filter that leaves the skin - then I reach for this cosmetic. I always have it somewhere at the bottom of my beautician in case of any bloomer in eyebrow adjustment ;) The first effects and significant hair thickening are visible after 4 days while using the EleverBrow (the hairs are a few mm each, they are short points on the skin). They are also bold and darker. The most important - this conditioner didn't irritate my skin - it's very important information, because a lots of I've tried earlier did it.

This is how looks like EleverBrow, which I'm using for my brows.

how much is the castor oil sold
The cheapest way to buy castor oil is to buy it in your nearby pharmacy store. There oil costs about 5$ or less. I've seen that beauty stores sold castor oil too, but the prices are expensive (from 15 to 30$). In online pharmacy store where I do shopping it costs 1$ and they have worldwide shipping - you can check oil HERE.

When the oil start working?

It is probably an individual matter for everyone, but I know from my own experience that it is surprising! After 3 or 4 days the first shoots can be seen! The oil is perfect for nourishing both eyebrows and eyelashes. In addition, it inhibits their loss. After just a few days, we can stop worrying about having uneven eyebrows for the rest of our lives, because they will never grow back. If the hair itself does not start to appear after a few days, I am sure that hairs will be darken a bit, which will give the effect of thickness. After all, mental comfort is the most important! For best results, I recommend using the oil every day and leaving it on the skin for an hour or two.

What are the benefits of using the oil?

I’m sure the PRICE. The price should not exceed 5 dolars in the pharmacy, which is a big pros. Moreover, the oil nourishes the eyebrows and the skin around.

How to apply?

I know it’s not easy to buy castor oil with brush, so If you have an empty mascara box, put some oil in there. This will facilitate the application thanks to the brush. If you don't have anything like that at hand, you can easily do it with your finger.

grow eyebrows fast and thick

It is best to pin your hair before application, because the oil is very greasy and can stain clothes. I usually apply it myself in the evening, when I have time only for myself (unfortunately, after application, my face shines). It is enough to wash it off with soap or make-up remover.

Ps. Forgive me for my appearance, but I don't have make-up here. I wanted the tutorial to be as credible as possible :)

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  1. This stuff works. I have been trying to re-grow my eyebrows from years of over plucking for what seemed like forever. I tried castor oil, Grande Lash, and even the really expensive Lash Boost from Rodan and Fields to no avail. Then someone recommended Dermalmd Eyebrow Growth Serum. I saw results within 3 weeks of use. This is honestly the only thing that has worked to bring back my brows!

    1. I'm glad that you found product for yourself which works :) I see that product you recommend is 49$ more expensive then EleverBrow, so it make a big difference. If someone has not yet had an eyebrow growth product, I recommend cheaper Eleverbrow to see if the active ingredients will work on your hair and will not cause allergies.


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