A way of amorous eyelashes in 5 minute

Do you like to have a nicely done eye everyday? I love it! To highligh the flirtatious eye I usually use shadows, but to increase the cat's eye effect there is only one way - faux eyelashes with eyeliner. This is new way, which I've discovered in the Internet to fully and long lashes to do in 5 minute at home. 

During quarantine I had an idea to have beautiful and long eyelashes for photos, but also for everyday exits - after all, only the eyes can be seen from under the mask, so let's shine with its make-up :) The most important for me are eyelashes, which do a job! 

Alps Synthetic Lashes Kit 6019

Usually I used to use mascara, but why not to splash out on faux lashes?! Nowadays there are some nice online shops like https://airlash.com/ which are selling natural looking false eyelashes. Natural collection from Lashine brand is easy to wear and light as air. Magical eyeliner added to the kit is black replacement for ordinary glue, which finally highlights upper eyelid and lashes line. This eyeliner has no glue and no magnet - for me it's perfect! I know there in the online store there are few collections, but for me perfect is this one with curly thick hair, but delicate one is also pretty for me. Moreover their sets have good opinions and influencers really like it, because of nice 3D effect and long-standing lashes on place - so isn't it good time to try it? What do you think? :) 

Dream Girl Eyelashes Collection

If you want to try these false eyelashes to improve your make-up and give it into higher level, I've got for you 20% discount code: SPRING20

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  1. Zamówiłam sobie pierwsze rzęsy i już nie mogę się doczekać, aż do mnie przyjdę!


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